Construction Consulting

We are your full service General Contractor and have been since 2008.  But in response to requests, we have been offering Construction Consulting services.  Our expertise, experience and professionalism has been put to good use in helping clients have smoother projects with fewer headaches.

Happy Consulting Client:

“I was unsure of how to tackle a big project when I reached out to Jeremy for some construction consulting.  He promised to prepare the project overview, at a reasonable price, and he said he could do it in a week.  He delivered on all three promises.  Benezra’s expertise saved me time and money.  His professionalism and accurate estimate are refreshing and stand out as rare qualities in his field of work.”

J Tozzer
Engineer, Seattle

Construction Consulting Services We Offer

1 Project Guidance and Planning

-Help in planning large or complex projects.

-Help navigating City Hall and Building Permit issues.

-Act as the “point person” between the client and client’s vision, architect, and builder.

2 Owner’s Representative

-Property and Project management (Commercial and Residential).

-Property maintenance on Commercial properties at regular intervals (twice monthly, etc).

-We can be offer Construction Expertise in your corner during litigation and other proceedings.

-If you’ve had a dispute or a run-in with a bad contractor and need some help cleaning things up.

-Insurance loss estimates.

3 Inspections

-Code Compliance and Safety Inspections.

-Inspections of other contractors’ work, including video documentation and detailed written reports.

-We can ensure other contractors are delivering to the owner what was promised in contract.

Compensation can be hourly or a fixed price based on the task, depending on your needs.