Past Projects - Commercial

Mill Creek Office,  Before and After:

And the new/relocated ADA-compliant bathroom, permitted of course:

Quick Commercial clean ups after Tenant moves out.
Before:                                                                    During:   
After photo - clean shell, more marketable to prospective tenants:

Commercial, metal Double Doors.  Before and After:

Seattle Office Building Bathroom.  Before and After:

Trendy new kitchen for the office:

Some colorful carpet squares and brighter lighting changed the whole conference room.  We also added noise-proof insulation and sound baffles for a quieter workplace (not in photo):

Graffiti cleanup, Before and After:

Graffiti cleanup, Before and After:

New exterior lighting to increase safety, discourage vandalism and crime.

Tenant Improvement for incoming Issaquah hair salon - Drywall repairs, paint, new engineered wood flooring and wood trim.  Added a tankless water heater for their hair washing needs.

Tenant Improvement for incoming bikeshop.  Lighting modifications, bathroom rearranging.  Electrical and plumbing submetering.