Benezra Construction LLC has never been this busy before and unfortunately we are NOT currently accepting or bidding any new remodel projects that fall into the category of a “standard” remodel.  If you have something non-standard though, we might be interested!

Say you came home from an overseas family vacation in Thailand or Morocco (see photos) and want a themed bathroom remodel that reminds you of your trip.  By careful use of colors, materials, patterns, etc. we can create an exotic feel you’re looking for, inside your home.

We can call in the mural artist, the stencil painter, the glassblower to create a one of a kind remodel that no other contractor has the patience or skill to perform.

Or if your office/commercial facility needs a modern new look, we can help with that as well.

We probably aren’t your best choice if you want a quick, cheap, standard remodel.  But if you are looking for something exotic or luxurious, give us a call. 

Note - we are not a low cost provider and will make zero attempts to be the lowest priced bidder.

April 28, 2018 we celebrated 10 years in business as a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor.

Can you imagine luxuriating in a bathtub like this?  It's not at a hotel, we can do this in your home!  We can make it happen!  Click the "Past Projects" tab on the left to see more pictures.




The Benezra Construction LLC fleet has grown!  A 3/4 ton cargo van with ladder rack, interior storage, all the bells and whistles.  Now we have a Ford F150 as well.  Coming to a construction project near you!

After our extensive, whole-home remodel, this 3000 square foot Kent home sold quickly.

Why Use Us?

Plain and simple, you cannot find a general contractor with such an eye for perfection and luxury construction at a comparable price. 
Commercial and residential. 
Whether you are remodeling your master bedroom suite, want to build a new deck for outdoor living space, or you want to renovate your whole house, it's worth your time to call us for a free remodel estimate! 
Commercial work we have done includes:
-Tenant Improvement - closed down gym becomes hip Bike Shop
-Commercial siding, lighting, signage
-Office build-outs
-Property Maintenance - regular twice a month maintenance of a strip mall.

Our Experience Shows!

Before becoming the owner of Benezra Construction LLC, I received my education and two degrees at the University of Washington: a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.  My past work experience is diverse including a luxury home builder on the Eastside and a nation-wide billion dollar commercial general contractor.